The Athletic Trainer Insurance You Want for the Protection You Need 

You already know the reward of your job lies within working through injuries and ailments with talented athletes, patients, and players. But you also know that’s precisely where the risk lies, too.  A unique profession like yours requires unique liability insurance that specifically covers your one-of-a-kind needs within your professional field—that’s where we come in. 

Assurance You Need

Our insurance is crafted to ensure your financial security, reputation, and career are cushioned against allegations, court costs, license issues, lost wages, and more in order to grant you the peace of mind you need to heal and treat patients with confidence.

Uniquely Created for Athletic Trainers

From improper athletic assessments to unsafe patient environments to allegations of failure to monitor, our liability insurance was created to uniquely serve and protect athletic trainers for their unique careers—no general-purpose policies here.

Your Interests First, Always

Perhaps your employer’s malpractice insurance fractionally covers you—but will their umbrella of insurance protect you when the storm allegations and claims rain down? Our insurance is dedicated solely to your career & provides the specific, personal coverage you need to put your first.

A Policy for Every Type of Career

Each policy option includes $3 million in annual Professional & General Liability Insurance ($1 million per occurrence) plus additional benefits: 

  • Product Coverage: $1 Million
  • First Aid Coverage: $10,000
  • Good Samaritan Coverage: $25,000
  • Deposition Expense Coverage: $10,000
  • Loss of Earnings Coverage: $10,000
  • Assault on You Coverage: $25,000
  • License Protection Coverage: $25,000
  • Plus member-only discounts and access to Insurance Marketplace with options for ACA-qualified health, dental, and telehealth coverage! 

What We Cover

This coverage wasn’t designed with a one-size-fits-all approach for any and all professionals—our unique insurance is crafted specifically for your profession to help safeguard against the specifics of your industry.

Professional Liability Insurance

$1 Million Per Occurrence

$3 Million Per Year

General Liability Coverage

$2 Million Per Occurrence

$3 Million Per Year

Identity Protection Plan

$25,000 Coverage 

Product Liability

$2 Million Per Occurrence, Per Year

Get Your Coverage Instantly

The best part? When you partner with us, you’ll receive coverage immediately upon purchase. Our instant certificate is delivered to your inbox upon checkout—no waiting, no delays, and no complications. We’re not just focused on making sure your coverage is all-inclusive and comprehensive, we’re also here to ensure that receiving that peace of mind coverage is easier than ever. When you partner with Athletic Trainer Insurance Plus, your coverage is taken care of in a snap—and your proof of certification is taken care of even quicker. Don’t delay your protection—check out how we stack up against the competition and invest in professional liability insurance today.

A Policy That Pays for Itself

Exclusive Benefits (Just for Members)

We’ve crafted a comprehensive coverage that puts your needs first, placing your interests at the forefront every time. Our program covers hundreds of healing practices, techniques, and industry standards to ensure that you’re in the right hands and provided with the peace of mind needed to do your job well—we even have exclusive, member-only benefits you won’t want to miss out on.

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Only the Best for the Best

Our athletic trainer liability insurance covers you the way you need it most—from general liability coverage that every professional should invest in, to career-specific coverage that speaks specifically to athletic trainers.

We know that the career you’ve built, the licensing you’ve worked hard for, and the hours you’ve dedicated to your craft are invaluable, which is why protecting your profession with liability insurance is more important than ever. 

Your athletes and patients look to you for guidance to help them build their season, careers, and professions because they trust you’ll invest your best into them—so ask yourself, are you investing the best in yourself, too? 

Don’t wait for the unexpected—invest in liability insurance that gives you the confidence and assurance you need so you can continue to inspire and heal the patients, players, and athletes who rely on you.

Flexible Payment Methods


Over the Phone

Give us a call today and we can bind a new policy for you and provide proof of coverage in minutes!


Our online application takes less than 3 minutes and you’ll have the certificate as proof of coverage in your inbox almost instantly. 

Pay Monthly

We are proud to offer the flexibility provided by Paypal Credit to give all our members the ability spread their costs over up to 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is liability insurance?

Liability insurance is a type of risk management coverage that the insured (that’s you!) invests in to be protected and relieved of the financial responsibility of a potential loss. Think about liability insurance like it’s a safety net that’s got you covered should something—no matter how unpredictable or unlikely—go wrong. This type of insurance will protect you, your career, your finances, your reputation, and your future from claims, allegations, and potential litigation.

Is there more than one type of liability insurance?

There are many different types of liability insurance, but the main three include professional liability, general liability, and product liability. Professional liability will provide protection when a client, patient, or customer deals with (or claims to deal with) injury, damage, or negligence that happened during or as a result of your service.  General liability insurance covers damages and injuries that weren’t directly caused by you but happened in relation to you (this is often called slip-and-fall coverage). Product liability insurance covers negative or adverse reactions that your patients or clients have as a result of a product you used.

Why do I need liability insurance?

There are a lot of reasons you should invest in liability insurance, but ultimately, this kind of coverage will put your interests first (not your employer’s), will safeguard your finances, will protect you against the unlikely, the improbable, and the unplanned, shows your clients that you’re prepared and professional, and can give you the peace of mind you need to do your job exceptionally.

Should I invest in an aggregate coverage or a shared aggregate coverage?

Individual aggregate coverage means that you—and you alone—are covered by your individual policy limit, regardless of claims made by other members who have a similar policy. Shared aggregate coverage means that you share a policy limit with other members who share the same master program. That means if a claim is paid out for other members, you could be left with zero coverage when you need to have an insurer pay for a claim that was filed against you. We’re proud to offer aggregate coverage for our members so they can count on being covered every time—no matter what.

What’s the difference between occurrence-form coverage and claims-made coverage?

In our opinion, not all policies are created equally, and a lot of that has to do with the type of coverage you have. An occurrence-form policy offers you coverage for any claim made after your policy has expired as long as the incident in question took place while your policy was active. Claims-made coverage is a type of policy that only covers you for the claims filed within the policy term—in other words, if something happened while you were paying for your policy but wasn’t filed until after your policy expires, claims-made coverage will not protect you. That’s why we’re proud to offer occurrence-form coverage to all of our members!

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