Why Liability Insurance?

In a highly specialized field like yours, it’s often assumed that because of the hours spent chasing exhaustive licensing, the immersive experience required, and the professional code of conduct, the need for professional liability insurance is unnecessary. In a perfect world, this would be the case—but we don’t live in a perfect world.

Why You Need Athletic Trainer Liability Insurance

More often than not, the professionals within highly specialized fields who run the highest risk of facing potential litigation, allegations, and claims. 

And unfortunately, no matter what setting you work in—sports medicine clinics, the health and fitness industry, high school or collegiate sports—the risk of litigation, allegation, and claims linger. And as your responsibilities grow, that risk grows along with it. 

Athletic trainers face a great risk of dealing with secondary injuries 

You’re consistently facing the possibility of something going wrong—especially because you’re primarily dealing with a client or patient who is already dealing with injuries, ailments, or bodily damage. 

This could put you at a greater risk for secondary injuries, especially if you’re primarily dealing with “on-field” damage sustained that could potentially be life-threatening like spine injuries, concussions, and more. 

Liability insurance for your career might be required in your state

Another reason you need likely insurance? Depending on the state you practice in, it could be required—14 states currently require insurance, and with a growth rate of 1.9 percent within the industry each year, the likelihood of that requirement is set to increase. 

We understand that you work within a specialized career—that means your liability insurance should be specialized, too. An allegation or claim against you and your career could damage your professional reputation, drain your financials, and potentially end your career. 

Liability insurance designed specifically for a professional like you will protect you from the risk that’s directly associated with your career—such as bodily injury, general liability (“trip and fall”), injury as result of failure to monitor, improper use of a physical agent, failure to provide a safe environment, incomplete or improper assessment, ad more. 

As a dedicated professional who’s committed to healing and treating, you deserve liability insurance that’s going to safeguard you against the risks inherently associated with your career of choice. Let us help you continue to inspire, coach, train, and more with a clear head and a protected career so you can focus on the bigger picture—we’ll handle all the small details. 

Our Policy Benefits

Assurance You Need

Our insurance is crafted to ensure your financial security, reputation, and career are cushioned against allegations, court costs, license issues, lost wages, and more in order to grant you the peace of mind you need to heal and treat patients with confidence.

Uniquely Created for Athletic Trainers

This coverage wasn’t designed with a one-size-fits-all approach for any and all professionals—our unique insurance is crafted specifically for your profession to help safeguard against the specifics of your industry.

Your Interests Come First

Your interests matter more than anything—that’s why we designed liability insurance specifically to fit your needs. Perhaps your employer’s malpractice insurance fractionally covers you—but will their umbrella of insurance protect you when the storm allegations and claims rain down? Our insurance is dedicated solely to your career & provides the specific, personal coverage you need to put your first. 


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